PhD students


  1. Siti Syazalina Mohd Sobani – MAIN SUPERVISOR
  2. Nur Hanis Izzati Che Marzuki – MAIN SUPERVISOR
  3. Nurjihada Izzah Bt Ismail – (CO-SUPERVISOR, main : Assoc Prof Ir Dr Mohamed Rafiq)


  1. Siti Asmah Daud, 2016 – Exploring the Use of Shape Detector Sensor for Accurate Reconstruction of Lower Limb Prosthetic Design. (MAIN SUPERVISOR)
  2. Yong Ching Yee, 2014 – Human Motion Classification Based on Kinematic Data and Skeletonization Model. (CO-SUPERVISOR, main: Assoc Prof Dr Rubita Sudirman)
  3. Nida Iqbal, 2014 – Syntesis and In Vitro Biological Evaluation of Hydroxyapatite-Zeolite  Containing Silver, Zinc, Fluoride for Medical Applications. (CO-SUPERVISOR, main: Assoc Prof Ir Dr Mohamed Rafiq)
  4. Mohd Nizam Bin Mazenan, 2016 - Malay articulation system for early screening diagnostic using Hidden Markov Model and Genetic Algorithm. (CO-SUPERVISOR, main: Dr Tan Tian Swee)
  5. Ahmad Zulhilmi Arshad, 2016 - Breast and Prostate Cancer Fingerprints by using Fourier Transform Infrared  Spectroscopy Based on Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds.(CO-SUPERVISOR, main: Assoc Prof Yusof Munajat) 
  6. Neda Amini, 2016 – Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Using Menstrual Blood (CO-SUPERVISOR, main: Prof Dr. Eko Supriyanto)
  7. Nurul Ain Ishak, 2016 – (CO – SUPERVISOR, main : Dr Puspa Inayat)

Dr Siti Asmah Bt Daud, 2016

Dr Nida Iqbal, 2014

Dr. Neda Amini, 2016

Dr. Yong Ching Yee, 2014

Dr. Nurul Ain Ishak, 2016

Dr. Nizam Mazenan, 2016

Dr Ahmad Zulhilmi Arshad, 2016