Professional Membership/Service

1. Member of BEM (Lembaga Jurutera Malaysia (Board of Engineers, Malaysia)) as a "Jurutera Siswazah dalam Bidang Kejuruteraan Elektronik". Approved on 19 November 2002.
2. Member of IEM (The Institution of Engineers Malaysia) as a Graduate of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia. Elected on 21 July 2003. 
3. Member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Since December 2009. 
4. Member of IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology). Since June 2010. 
5. Member of MySET (formerly known as mSET), (Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology). Since May 2011. 
6. Member of IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology). Since September 2013.



  1. Hanis Zafirah Binti Kosnan, Thesis Master by Research, Internal Examiner.
  2. Muhamad Amin Bin Ab Wahab, "Correlation Backscattered Fast And Slow Waves With Various Porosity Models Using Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Technique", 1st Stage PhD Evaluation, 2 May 2017.
  3. Tan Jian Hou, "Incorporative Fuzzy-Based Variable Constant Step Mode of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Machine", PhD proposal Defence, 28 Mac 2017.
2016 and Before

  1. Sarah Samson Soh, “Brain MRI Image Segmentation for Leukoaraiosis Detection”, Master (Biomedical Engineering), Mini Viva, 10 February 2015.
  2. Tan Mei Jing, “3D Immerse Environment as Physiological Training Tool to Reduced Competitive Anxiety and Enhance Self-Confidence Level for Malaysia Volleyball Athletes”, Master of Philosophy (Rehab Technology), Mini Viva. January 2015.
  3. Nor Diana Binti Zakaria, “Development of Fetal Movement Recorder for Home monitoring”, Mini Viva, December 2014.
  4. Syazreen Binti Hashim, "Cortial Networks and Heart Rate During Executive Function Task using Partial Directed Coherence (PDC)", Master in Electrical Engineering, 31 March 2014.
  5. Internal Examiner for Siti Ruzita Binti Mahmod, “Comparison of Accelerometry based methods for measurement of the lumbar spine kinematics in sitting Posture”, 17 February 2014.
  6. Internal Examiner for Noraini Binti Abd Jalil, “ Telemedicine system for urban area”, October 2014.
  7. Anith Adibah binti Hasseim, "Identification Of An Automated System For Sreening Children With Handwriting Difficulties In Early Stages Of Academic Life" - Master in Electrical Engineering, 14 June 2012.
  8. Tan Jinn Li, "Implementing Robust Plate Number Recognition System Intergrating Networked Data Base System At UTM Entrances" - Master in Electrical Engineering, 14 June 2012.


  1. Internal Examiner for Hum Yan Chai, "New Framework for Automated Hand Bone Segmentation", PhD Thesis, 23 Januari 2013.
  2. Maheza Irna Mohamad Salim, "Hybrid Magneto-acoustic Method for Breast Tumor Detection"- PhD Viva and Thesis Evaluation, 5 January 2012.
  3. Narges Tabatabaey Mashadi, "Identification of an Automated Screening System for Handwriting Difficulties in early Academic Life: An Attempt for Feature Detection, Behaviour Analysis and Classification" - PhD Evaluation Report/Seminar on Research Proposal, 10 January 2012.
  4. Siti Zubaidah Mohd Tumari, "Early Identification of Working Memory using Event-Related Potential based on Wavelet Algorithm" - PhD Evaluation Report/Seminar on Research Proposal (FAST TRACK), 18 January 2012.
  5. Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi Khorzoughi, "Hybrid medical image watermarking for authentication and data hiding" - PhD First Stage Evaluation, FKE, 14 June 2012.
  6. Neo Chin Chea, "Multimodal System for Intervention and Learning of Hand Movements"- PhD First Stage Evaluation, FKE, 22 June 2012.