Grants and Awards

  1. "Prototype of 3D surface reconstruction using infrared sensor array for prosthetic design", Tier 2, UTM. RM 20,000. (Project Leader) (November 2016 - October 2018)
  2. Novel Imaging Technique for accurate reconstruction of prostheses/orthoses”, E-Science Fund, MOHE. RM 283,200. (Project Leader) (April 2012-October 2014). 
  3. Development of an Embedded System for Portable Monitoring of Asthma Severity”, E-Science Fund, MOHE. RM 231,500. (Member) (1/6/2014-30/11/2016). 
  4. Microwave Imaging for Brain Tumour Detection Using Radar Signal Processing and Image Reconstruction”. GUP Grants. RM50,000. (Project Leader). (Till 30/4/2013).
  5. Automated platelets counter based on microscopic image”, GUP Grants. RM34,000. (Member). (Till 30/4/2013). 
  6. Development of portable asthma severity monitoring tool for home environment”, Tier 1. RM 55,000. (Member). 
  7. The effect of eye massaging device to electrooculograph signal based on wavelet approach to reduce stress level”, Tier 1. RM 77,000. (Member). 
  8. Development of an Embedded System for Portable Monitoring of Asthma Severity”. Science Fund. RM 231,500. (Member). 
  9. Biosignal  Potential  Identification  of  the  Working  memory  and  sensory  through Electroencephalograph Signal for Children”. E-Science Fund, MOHE. RM 166,600. (Member). 
  10. Development of Microfluidic Devices for Cervical Cancer Detection”. Tier 1. RM 188500. (Member). 
  11. Development of decision support system for screening potential implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) receiver based on time-frequency analysis of heart rate variability”, Tier 1. RM 199,200 (Member). 
  12. Biosignal potential Identification of the working memory and sensory using Electroencephalograph signal for children. Tier 2. RM 50,000 (Member). 
  13. Noninvasive estimation of time since death based on dielectric properties of body cells and tissues using bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA)”, Tier 2. RM 34,000. (Member). 
  14. Patients satisfaction with orthotic and prosthetic devices in Malaysia”. Vot No: 77364. (Short term grant, RMC). RM 20,000. (Project Leader) (Julai 2010-January 2012). 
  15. Dynamic Characteristics Identification of Poor Writers Children”. Vot No: 77916. (New PhD Grant, RMC). RM 10,000. (Project Leader) (March 2009 to March 2010)
  16. Identification of situation based environment towards noise reduction in EEG and ECG acquisition”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 40,000. (Project Leader).
  17. Development of Biomedical Image Processing Software Package for new learners”. Geran Dana Pembangunan Pengajaran (DPP). RM 15,000. (Project Leader) (June 2011 until May 2012) 
  18. Development of Athletes Monitoring System using wireless sensor networks technology”. MOHE (Sports Division). RM 20,000. (Member)(February 2011 to January 2013). 
  19. Virtual Reality System for Microsurgery Learning and Assessment”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 40,000. (Member). 
  20. Mechanical model for autonomous body scanning”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 30,000. (Member). 
  21. Development of autonomous sniffing robot : A wireless e-nose network”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 40,000 (Member). 
  22. Information network of motor control in human brain with non-motor distracted stimuli”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 40,000. (Member) 
  23. 3D electronic mucosa system for complex odour recognition”. Research University Grant Tier 2. RM 40,000. (Member)